Successful Year for PTFA 2015/16

In September 2016, PTFA donated £20,000 to school! With this money school will be able to get things like:-

  • Multi media system for ks1 hall.
  • Enhancement of school reading scheme.  
  • Enrichment days.
  • Playground markings.
  • Phonics scheme for the whole school.
  • Ks2 Enterprise project.
  • First Aid training for year 5.


This year 2016-2017 we have a target of £10,000 to raise for things such as:-

  • KS1 and KS2 Library modernisation.
  • ICT programmes to engage parents in their child's learning at home.
  • Curriculum fundering for each subject area.
  • Website re-design to enable parents to access support and view classroom resources. 

A full account of PTFA activities and finance was given at the AGM on 4th October 2016.  Please see Chairperson's Report and Treasurer's Report in the attchments below.



During the year 2014/2015 we've made donations to school totalling £16,600. This has funded the following items -

  • Ipads and trolley
  • outdoor gym equipment
  • additional resources for each subject area
  • enrichment days
  • year 6 autograph books
  • book mark sticker prizes
  • christmas presents for childrens parties 


During 2015/2016 we will be raising funds to support things like-

  • interactive white board
  • multimedia system
  • sports kit
  • playground markings
  • shaded canopies
  • ICT equipment
  • library books


FileMonthYear GroupFile size
Download this file (Chairperson's Report 2015-16 HPhillips.pdf)Chairperson's Report 2015-16 HPhillips.pdf  723 Kb
Download this file (Treasurer Report AGM 4th October 2016.pdf)Treasurer Report AGM 4th October 2016.pdf  39 Kb